Feeling Inadequate

Today started off with a bang! I hit the snooze button twice but I focused, and was able to get to work on time! I was in a never-ending meeting (10am-2pm) and then I rushed off to pick the girls up from school. I received an email from a fellow aerobics instructor asking me to teach her class tonight because she had death in her family. I wanted to help her, but I was scared!

You see, I take her class every Monday and it was because of her that I was interested in getting certified to teach Zumba! Because I have been taking her class so long, I know all of the regulars that attend the class. I also know how we all “HATED IT” when another instructor had to fill in for her. I have been certified to teach Zumba since March. Due to my commitment NOT to over commit, I do not have a regular class and mostly substitute. I have so much fun teaching but when SHE called me, I instantly thought, “I am NOT good enough to teach her class. Everyone will be disappointed”.

By the time I got home with the girls and got the snacks done, I discovered that my 8 year old daughter had left her homework at school AGAIN! This has been a really hard year for her and forgetting things has been a regular occurrence. I instantly thought, “I am NOT a good Mommy”. After returning from getting the homework, my shoulders were all hunched over and I just felt blah. I sat down and took a deep breath and asked myself “What is wrong?”. The answer I received was, “You are inadequate”. Really?

Luckily, God does not ask us to be perfect. As a matter of fact, he uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things even amidst everyday things like homework and fitness classes!

One of the greatest leaders in the Bible, Moses, struggled with feelings of inadequacy. While Moses was tending the flock of his father-in-law (regular everyday stuff), he had the following exchange with God:

“Now go, for I am sending you to Pharaoh. You will lead my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt.” Moses then asked God: “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” And God said, “I will be with you…..(Exodus 3:10-12)

So, God and I will teach Zumba this evening and a very sweet lady will be able to grieve with her family! What are you feeling inadequate about? Remember, God is with You!

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  1. Shell
    May 24, 2010 | 5:29 pm

    I think I mess up more when I'm feeling overconfident anyway. Then I think hey, I can do this by myself…and I land right smack on my face. That's what happens when I try to do something w/o God.

    Good luck tonight! I'm sure you will do great!

  2. Charlotte
    May 24, 2010 | 10:03 pm

    Let us know how your Zumba class goes, I'm sure you'll do a great job!

  3. Mrs. JPT
    May 26, 2010 | 1:37 am

    This question/post is right on time. I am currently doing the same thing, telling myself that I can't do something. My husband is in the military and each command has an ombudsman who serves as the liason between the command families and the command itself. Well, the current ombudsman is getting ready to leave since her husband has received new orders. A few officer wives and chief wives have approached me and said I would be great for the position. But I keep saying I don't possess the skills needed for the job ::sigh:: I really need to put this in GODs hands and go from there.

    How did the class go by the way?! I'm sure you rocked it!

  4. Eternal Lizdom
    May 26, 2010 | 8:27 am

    A very important message and one I remind myself of often- I don't need to achieve perfection. I just need to strive to do my best to live the purpose God intended for me.

    And I have to know more about becoming a Zumba instructor!! How hard was it to get certified and such? How long did it take?

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